The most common enquiry we receive is about the price of driving lessons! When selecting a driving school its not a bad idea to assess other criteria apart from price. Ask about qualifications, experience, age and temperament of instructors, the age and types of vehicles available, what will happen if you cancel a lesson.

At VIP Driving School we employ only mature, experienced instructors most of whom work on a part time basis. Less lessons per week equals less stress and a much more patient, relaxed attitude to clients. All our instructors are self-employed working under the VIP banner and provide their own dual controlled, up to date vehicles. Dealing with the owners of their own businesses means each instructor is motivated to provide excellent customer service and super professionalism.


From our office - $55 (50 minutes)
Pick-up or Drop-off* $70(50 minutes)

To use our cars for a Provisional Driving Assessment $55.00
To do a L2 Driving Assessment in your vehicle $70.00
To do a L2 Driving Assessment in our vehicle $105.00

Pickup for $70.00 is within 15 minutes driving time of Hobart CBD i.e. Glenorchy [north] to Taroona [south] to Howrah [east].

Prices are Prices are negotiable for other areas e.g. Sorell, Claremont, Kingston $75.00 per lesson.
Payment may be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS (at our office or by phone)

Gift vouchers for any special occasion are available from our office at 230 Murray Street or can be arranged by phone on 6234 1133 and emailed to the recipient.
We realise that cancellations of lessons are unavoidable due to family problems, sickness, being asked to work with little notice, etc. so we tend to give clients the benefit of the doubt and will not charge. We do, however reserve the right to charge for lessons when repeated cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are made.